Lantz's Lake Retrievers

Quality Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Our desire is to breed loving, compassionate companions for the whole family ... dogs with a temperament that soothes the soul and looks and devotion that will steal your heart. We want them to have the intelligence to take on any day of training and the humor to make you laugh at night. Our goal is to keep our dogs true to their proven championship pedigrees and exhibit the heart, drive, and desire for a long, healthy life of performance and success in the field.

Finding Hope and Faith

Our first Chocolate, Summit, adopted us when she was seven years old. My husband and I remember that exact moment and the look in her eye. She had plans for us. She did most of the training back then. She lived to be almost 16 years old! She was a strong, opinionated woman, loving, very wise and loyal. Somewhere along the way, we were well trained and hooked on chocolates. Then she was gone.

Hope as a puppy We realized how lucky we were long before she left us. We felt so lucky to have this dog with a wonderful temperament, devotion, intelligence and health. After she passed, we started looking for a line that would have all of her qualities. So we set out with all the hope and faith that we could create the line of our hopes and dreams.

Wouldn’t you know it? We found the line and so much more!

“Bumpers, Birds and Ribbons!”

It seems the search took forever. We knew that eventually we wanted two girls with outstanding pedigrees. Then came the day we found our breeder and her dam that would produce “our first girl” (Oh, and by the way, she came with a wonderful hunting pedigree).

Our first priority was to have the perfect pet for us. Second, we wanted to breed sometime in the future. Our breeder said to us in one of the many phone conversations, “You should think about getting into hunt tests, I think you might like it”. Other friends said the same. We gave it a lot of thought, while patiently waiting for the dam to go into heat. We finally decided to do what was the best for her and her line. We agreed we would try the hunt tests and give her the chance to pass on the integrity of the special line of breeding.

And that’s the decision that changed our lives. That’s all it took. We were hooked. Today, we have our smart, loving and successful girls - Hope, Faith, and Pow. Chocolate Labs with drive and desire and perfect health in every way.

By the way, that wonderful hunting pedigree thingy… it changed our lives, the girls are absolutely amazing in the field!  All we have to say is…. “Bumpers, Birds and Ribbons” and we’re off!


Dreammeyer’s Hope Of the Summit… Yes, in short time she not only qualified for the 2012 Master Nationals but finished with a qualifying score and our 3 year old brought home the plate!!! I guess we will have to change our motto…. “Bumpers, Birds and Ribbons, and now Plates!” Stay tuned in for the Fun!